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Studio C Milano is a multi-disciplinary design studio based in Milan with an integrated team of international design and marketing professionals serving clients in Switzerland, Italy and Germany. More here.

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Awards Logos
Atelier chair
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Advertising campaign in Zurich
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Write your own story. Create your own pen.
Campaign to let people in Zurich know about the newly opened prodir atelier.
Guerilla action in Zurich
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A newspaper full of space for your own story, handed out in strategic points in Zurich over two days.
Video projection in the atelier

We did this video for the opening night of the prodir atelier shop in Zurich. It was projected on a wall in the back of the shop.
The atelier pen-book
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It was a very fun and challenging project to create these themed pen-books. They range from a limited-edition Koi Pen-book to Paired Pen-books to a playful Racing Pen-book, all in exhibition and for sale now in the store.
The "Ready-Made" pen collection
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We gave an entirely new flavor to prodir's already existing writing instruments. A collection of 150 ready-mades, with fresh, contemporary combinations in vivid neon colours through to more subtle, darker shades, like tobacco and cognac.
Atelier website
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A dynamic teaser-site to present the atelier to the public.
Atelier panels
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Like in any atelier, this atelier had to be filled with fascinating artwork. We created 20 large different sized canvases to be placed leaning against the wall through out the store.
Prodir Atelier
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It's a creative interaction between the customer and the product, exploring it and personalizing it. This is why the store is called "Atelier“ (studio). The concept of the "studio“ has been constantly applied to the architecture and corporate identity.
Soft opening
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On the 29th of May the store was presented to the public for the first time. The response was very positive with lots of curiosity towards the multitouch application, especially developed to allow customers to customize writing instruments and pen-books.
The tables are installed
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After many sleepless nights the tables are finally installed and the first testing can start.
Very exciting!
The atelier identity
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The prodir atelier is the first concept store of prodir. The identity underlines the strenghts and values of prodir as well as showing their new direction into retail and the creative atelier.
Birth of the widget
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The widget is the little instrument that helps the user create and personalize his pen or pen-book with the multi-touch application. There are 6 different widgets, each one with a specific content of material and tools for a unique creative experience. They are almost alive and can be opened, explored and moved around the interface freely.
The making of
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For the past months we've been working ambitiously on the architecture, the interior, the products, the identity, the website, the multi-touch application and the overall big picture of the atelier, the concept store of prodir in Zurich.
Pending is the corporate magazine of Prodir, a place for good, original, unexpected, surprising and entertaining reading. Its fresh editorial style gives its own distinct and recognisable character. Curiosity is its driving force.

The underlying editorial concept follows the company’s philosophy as an international leader in high-quality promotional writing instruments. Prodir manufactures products that companies use to communicate with: three dimensional media that tell their own individual story. In Pending too, Prodir is not talking about themselves. It is the interest in a good story, the pleasure in good design and the ambition to communicate quality in an original way which makes Pending different.

All articles are produced exclusively for Pending. Known authors, first class photography, layout and production are defining aspects of the publication. Pending is distributed to selected executives in marketing and advertising world wide.
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