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Studio C Milano is a multi-disciplinary design studio based in Milan with an integrated team of international design and marketing professionals serving clients in Switzerland, Italy and Germany. More here.

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Style is revealed in the small gestures.
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DS7, a two-part writing instrument with cap designed by STC in 2000. For the 2009 prodir catalog we developed a for prodir completely new and original way to present the pens. By making computer rendered images we were able to create impossible and unrealistic compositions with super high definition.
The DS6
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Twist ballpoint pen designed for prodir in 1998. The computer generated images have been created for the 2009 prodir catalog.
With or without
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A twist ballpoint pen redesigned for prodir in 2001.
The pen box
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Made of refined cardboard with a generous print surface or neutral, in transparent plastic.
Campaign with focus on individuality
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Year 2008 for prodir was a year with focus on individuality. We did the art direction for the images and the advertisings to use throughout the year. The advertising also had to announce prodir's new push-push writing instrument, the DS2, also designed by STC.
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Exalta is a spa and beauty saloon in the heart of Brianza. They wanted a new modern look with a touch of flair and luxury.
Prodir Advertising
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A collection of ads we've developed for prodir over the years.
Prodir Website
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A site aimed to both the end-user and the product dealer. Clean and nifty with many ways to discover and explore the products, mainly thanks to a sophisticated online pen configurator.
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Strong, black and aromatic
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Using the new CS4 product offered by Prodir, we created this dealer mailing to present the news for 2007. It contained cards to smell, to touch, to fold... all connected and aligned with the news and the theme of the year.
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The little part at the top of the premec's refills have been designed with great attention and care.
Premec on the internet
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We took care of the refreshment of Premec's website, aligning it to their new identity and claim we developed at the same time.
Premec - floating ball
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Premec Floating ball is the jumbo refills for velvety-soft writing. It exists in three versions;
basic, premium and exclusive.
For all those refills
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Premec needed a neat and nice packaging for their refills and we did it.
Geomag Macef
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Geomag presented their new line of gift products for the first time in Macef 2006. The stand and all the decoration is entirely originated by STC.