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Studio C Milano is a multi-disciplinary design studio based in Milan with an integrated team of international design and marketing professionals serving clients in Switzerland, Italy and Germany. More here.

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Awards Logos
Image Sets
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Packaging made from high-grade plastic for one or two writing instruments.
A multi-touch project in progress
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Designing a multi-touch configurator interface is a challange of its own.
Here are some of the very first tryouts.
The unplugged campaign 2009
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The prodir advertising campaing follows the theme of the year: Unplugged.
News 2009
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This mailing was sent out to the dealers presenting the news for year 2009.
Prodir at PSI 2009
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Every year Prodir presents itself at the most important fair for promotional products, PSI. The theme this year were "unplugged". Stand, decoration and graphics were all created by us.
my dlight
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We developed the identity for this fresh out company of newly interpreted home accessories.
DS4 - the latest upgrade
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The DS4 was designed in 2005, and 2009 it got its newly-designed push button. The computer generated images created for the 2009 prodir catalog.
Promoter 2002 - 2009
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In 2002 we created the first version of this application that allows the user to configure and personalize writing instruments. The first three versions came with an installation dvd and packaging. Nowadays the program is available to download for registered clients in the partner area on the website of prodir or as a light version for everybody in the corporate section under "create your pen".
The unplugged catalog
Every prodir year has a new theme, and according to that so does also every catalog. For 2009 we chose the keyword "unplugged"...

Unplugged from to unplug: remove [an electric plug] from an outlet. Concretely: of, relating to, or being a musical instrument, arrangement, or performance that does not feature electronic amplification or modification; acoustic. Generally: without effects, unfiltered, direct, immediate, uncluttered, honest, authentic.
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The promotional gift award
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Year 2008 the newly designed writing instrument DS2 was prized in gold in the category "Communicative Product".
8 760 new hours
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A new year, calendar, pen-book mailing from which the dealers also could order their own version. It was made in five different color variations and in five different languages.
Innovative mechanism
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The latest writing instrument created for prodir year 2008. The DS2 has an innovative push-push mechanism and has a perfect balance between function as writing instrument and as a promotional medium.
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Twist ballpoint pen with clip secured on one side, slender casing and long nose cone introduced in 2004. The computer rendered images were developed for the 2009 prodir catalog.
Style is revealed in the small gestures.
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DS7, a two-part writing instrument with cap designed by STC in 2000. For the 2009 prodir catalog we developed a for prodir completely new and original way to present the pens. By making computer rendered images we were able to create impossible and unrealistic compositions with super high definition.
The DS6
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Twist ballpoint pen designed for prodir in 1998. The computer generated images have been created for the 2009 prodir catalog.